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Get the most out of yourself

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Why choose Quando Coaching?

You choose Quando Coaching if you are ready to take the plunge. You are ready to discover and use your full potential. You want to be challenged, get to know yourself better, and you are looking for new insights.

You expect your coach to be understanding, playful, honest, and present.

As a coach I will guide you, challenge you, and make sure you'll achieve many new insights.

However, it is up to you to take the steps that need to be taken.

Does this sound like what you're looking for? Book your free sample session now.


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Meet your Coach

This is me!

My name is Laszlo Raats. Young, enthusiastic, dynamic and avid traveler with a special passion for Italy. I have lived most of my adult life in Reggio Emilia (Italy), with trips to Switzerland and the United States. This mix of international experiences makes me the perfect coach for Northern Europeans working with Mediterranean countries as I can help bridge the cultural difference.

If you choose to work with me, you can count on me to make you think. I will provoke new insights, connect you with those difficult emotions, and will not make you run away from the subject at hand. 

As a professional coach I have followed a renowned coaching training and I will continue to follow various courses in order to provide you with the best possible service.My ICF (International Coaching Federation) accreditationguarantees that I will be held to the highest standard in my approach en on ethics. 

My enthusiasm for coaching comes from my experience in the Baseball and Softball world, where I still enjoy working with several youth teams. 

Together with you, I want to ensure that we find the right balance between understanding yourself and taking action. This ensures that you really get the most out of yourself.

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​"Coaching is a way to unlock your potential to greater growth, self awareness and becoming the best version of yourself which leads to greater success in your personal and professional life. What greater gift can you give to yourself than being the very best you can be."

- Terry Yoffe

These people preceded you

This is their experience

After this pandemic I felt blocked. Something wasn't right in my life and I didn't recognize myself anymore.
Thanks to Laszlo and Quando Coaching, I went deep into my mind to find out what was holding me back from being myself. Session after session, challenge after challenge I feel better. I am happy to have shared my journey with Quando Coaching.


Over the past few months, Laszlo from Quando Coaching has helped me find the answers to questions on a personal and business level. This has ensured that I have finally dared to make my career switch and start my new study next month.


I have a young company and I could use some business tips and tricks during the pandemic. I came to Laszlo through someone else, and Laszlo is a good listener and he has helped me to get a little more out of my comfort zone. In addition to being a business coach, Laszlo was also secretly a bit of a life coach! Thank you Laszlo


The method

Coaching is a collaboration

Coaching is a process that we develop together. It should suit both of us. 

In general, the blueprint of a trajectory looks like this: We start with a free sample session in which we get to know each other. We look at each other's style, and we discuss what we expect from each other. If you like this session, we will start our journey together. This trajectory consists of six or twelve sessions depending on your preference. The first of these sessions is a 90-minute session where we define your goals and agree in detail how we approach the process. 

From our third meeting (your second official session) we look at the topics you bring to a session. This could be anything from a few deleted emails to a bigger theme in your life. I will ask you not only to tell about the topic, but to experience it, to feel it, and to see what wisdom there is in it. At the end of the session I will ask you to think extra about what we have discussed, or I will ask you to take action. You can count on us to move, laugh, but also dive into those uncomfortable emotions that you carry with you.

It will be a wild ride, but I promise you you will know yourself better at the end of the journey.

Be You
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"Coaching is for anyone that wants to take a deep look into themselves and understand how they may be holding themselves back. Many of us operate on "Auto-pilot" and coaching helps us awaken to all we can be."

- Holly Teskac

Affordable coaching

Everyone has access to coaching

We often think of coaching as an expensive process. Rightly so. As a coach I provide a valuable service. Fortunately  there are several roads that also give you access to a route if you want to.


As a student, you might be able to use a push. What do you  want out of life? What kind of work suits you? Which values are essential values that characterize you? How do you balance a social life with your studies and work? 

You deserve an answer to all these questions. And to make that possible, I offer a youth rate for people under the age of 27. This way you can create the life you want for yourself with appropriate peace of mind and brimming with self-confidence.

Through your employer

More and more employers reserve a training spot or training budget for employees. Attention to personal development is becoming increasingly important. Not surprising, because your employer also benefits from your personal development and extra motivation. 

You can ask your supervisor or the human resource department (HR) to find out to what extent this is possible at your employer. 

As an entrepreneur

The costs for coaching are tax deductible for independent entrepreneurs as business costs within the income tax and the VAT (21%) can be reclaimed from the tax authorities. The tax authorities and/or your accountant can tell you all about this!


Do you want to know more about coaching or what I can do for you? 

Feel free to reach out through one of the channels below, or book your free sample session here.

Arnhemseweg-Zuid 210
3817CN Amersfoort


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