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Why choose Quando Coaching?

You choose to start working with Quando Coaching if you're ready to take the plunge. You're ready to reach your full potential, you want to be challenged, you want to get to know yourself better, and you're eager to hear new perspectives. 

You expect your coach to be insightful, playful, bold, honest, present and understanding.

As a coach I'll guide you, challenge you, and will make sure you have plenty of things to think about. It's up to you however to take the steps that need to be taken. 

Does this sound good to you? Then book your free sample session below.


Meet your coach

This is me! 

My name is Laszlo Raats. I'm young, enthusiastic, dynamic and an avid traveller with a particular passion for Italy. I've spent the majority of my adult life living in Reggio Emilia (Italy) with interludes in Switzerland and the United States whilst I was born in the Netherlands. This mix of international experiences makes me a perfect coach for Northern-European as well as Mediterranean people as I consider it my gift that I'm able to bridge those gaps.

When working with me you can expect me to get you thinking. I'll offer you new perspectives, I'll have you dive into those feelings that might scare you, and I won't let you run away from the topic at hand. If you ask me I'll even give you an opinion every now and then. 

As a professional coach I've been rigorously trained and keep I keep educating myself continuously in order to be able to serve you better. My ICF (International Coaching Federation) accreditation guarantees you that I'm held to the highest standards in coaching both ethically as well as my applied method. 

My enthusiasm for coaching comes forth from my coaching experience in the base- and softball world, in which I'm still active.

My task is to look together with you where we can find the balance between understanding ourselves and putting our understanding into action. This will make sure that you'll step up to your full potential. 


This is what I desire for you

Happy Hiking

​"Coaching is a way to unlock your potential to greater growth, self awareness and becoming the best version of yourself which leads to greater success in your personal and professional life. What greater gift can you give to yourself than being the very best you can be."

- Terry Yoffe


What clients say about working with me:

After this pandemic I felt blocked, was wrong in my life and I couldn’t recognize myself. Thanks to Laszlo and Quando Coaching we dived deep into me, into my thoughts, trying to find what was suppressing my real being. Session after session, challenge after challenge I’m feeling better. Happy to share my journey with Quando Coaching


In recent months, Laszlo from Quando Coaching has helped me to find the answers to questions on a personal and business level. That has meant that I finally dared to make my career switch and that I will start my new study next month.


Coaching with Laszlo is dynamic, fun and has got me some great results. I always leave our sessions with a renewed energy and have achieved several step changes in my life since we begun working together. Recommend!


The Method

Coaching is something you do together

Coaching is a process you and I design together. It needs to fit both our styles. 

In general the cycle looks like this: We have a free sample session in which we get to know each other, our styles, and see what we expect of each other. If this session is to your liking we start our cycle together. These cycles consist of six or twelve sessions depending on your preference. The first of these sessions is a 90 minute long session in which we establish your agenda, define your goals and design the parameters of our process. 

From our third call on (second session) we'll explore the subjects you bring to a session. This can be anything, from a few deleted e-mails to a bigger theme that's been running through your life. I'll ask you to not just tell me about the topic, but to live it, feel it, and see what wisdom hides in there. At the end of a session I'll either ask you to explore what we've talked about in depth, or I'll ask you to undertake action. Count on us moving, laughing, but also diving headlong into those uncomfortable feelings you're carrying with you. 

It will be a wild ride, and I promise you, you'll get out of it knowing yourself better.

Be You
Sat on the Rocks

"Coaching is for anyone that wants to take a deep look into themselves and understand how they may be holding themselves back. Many of us operate on 'Auto-pilot' and coaching helps us awaken to all we can be."

- Holly Teska



Do you want to know more about coaching or what I can do for you? 

Feel free to reach out through one of the channels below, or book your free sample session here.

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